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Welcome to a page of 100% cuteness! I have decided to make this page about Baby Kiara. I know it seems silly, considering Baby Kiara only appears in SP for about a minute. But seeing as this whole site is dedicated to Cub Kiara (and Adult Kiara already has her own page!) I thought it was only fair that Baby Kiara got her tribute as well. At this page you`ll find screengrabs and other downloads, polls, videos and info about the presentation ceremony. Enjoy!



 (animation by KONY)


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Kiaras Presentation

At Kiaras presentation, she is carried out on Pride Rock by Nala, and then handed to Rafiki.

Rafiki holds Kiara up in the air.


Rafiki anoints Kiara.

Kiara is nuzzled lovingly by her parents at the end of her presentation. (This is not shown at Simbas presentation.)

We only have two examples of presentations: One Prince and one Princess. Almost nothing is shown of the presentation at the end of TLK. Besides, the cub shown there and Kiara are supposed to be the same character.
We don`t know for sure if the gender of the cub makes a difference for how the ceremony is carried out. Simbas and Kiaras presentations are completly different.

Presentation of a Prince:

He gets anointed inside the cave, and is carried out on Pride Rock by Rafiki and held aloft.

 Presentation of a Princess:

She is carried out on Pride Rock by her mother, held aloft by Rafiki and lastly anointed.

 When grabbing some new images of Baby Kiara off the DVD, I managed to capture a couple of amusing shots. Take a look!

LOL Kiara is not amused.

Kiara looks like she`s asking Rafiki for a high five!




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